Auto Accidents

Automobile accidents are one of the most common types of personal injury cases.  From minor impacts to major collisions, vehicle accidents occur every day.  The Law Offices of Michael L. Jacobs have been protecting vehicle accident victims for years.

The process of dealing with a vehicle accident is very important and begins from the moment of the accident.  The first steps on the road to a full physical and financial recovery occur immediately so you need to be sure that you see the right doctors and do not make mistakes which could damage your case.

The Law Offices of Michael L. Jacobs can help you avoid the traps that insurance companies set right from the onset of the claim in a vehicle accident.  We can guide you through the claims process and ensure you get the medical treatment you need before advocating for your rights to a financial recovery.

    Things You Should Know

    • Do not give a recorded or written statement.

    • Take photographs of the property damage using a digital camera.  If using a film camera, have the photographs developed immediately.

    • Do not sign anything without having a lawyer review it for you.

    • Do not discuss any matters concerning your injuries with the at-fault insurance company.  You are under no obligation to offer this information and should not discuss any facts except for the damage to your car and the need for a rental car or "loss of use" compensation.

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